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Welcome to the IM5 Band Wiki!

The Wiki dedicated to the popular YouTube boyband!


Welcome to the IM5 Wiki.
This wiki was created for people to come together and communicate about the popular YouTube boyband, IM5. Fans of the band can check out IM5's songs, or they can read the boys' individual biographies that are filled with facts!
Disney Dudez06:10

Disney Dudez

IM5 - "Zero Gravity" (Official Music Video)-003:35

IM5 - "Zero Gravity" (Official Music Video)-0

IM5 - "Everything About U" (Official Music Video)03:40

IM5 - "Everything About U" (Official Music Video)


Superman Video04:03

Superman Video


Welcome to the IM5 Band Wiki.
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IM5 Wiki is a collaborative encyclopaedia designed to cover everything there is to know about the band, IM5. This wiki is a fan created site, which means anyone is free to edit in order to improve the content. Fans can come together and document every album, song, tour, event, TV appearance, and more!

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