aka Tharyn Uchiha

  • I live in florida
  • I was born on September 6
  • I am female
  • 5erforever

    Me and IM5

    February 21, 2015 by 5erforever

    Hi guys, I may haven't bean a fan of IM5 for long but when anyone I don't care who makes fun of them I get really defensive I start yelling, etc. Its really strange like every single time anyone mocks them I basically loose my mind. but I tell my self they wouldn't like it if I hurt someone over them so all I do is just yell not anything else they help me through everything. thanks guys you rock just keep doin' what you doin'.

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  • 5erforever

    im5 ustream of Jan,7,2015

    February 20, 2015 by 5erforever

    I would have to say IM5's ustream of Jan,7,2015 scared me a little because of what Dana said in the beginning but the rest of the Ustream was pretty fun. I loved the part where they were having so much fun listening to music and dancing to the music it was really funny to watch. my favorite part though was the beginning where Gabe said "I look like an ompoloompa" he makes me laugh and when Cole and Dana started dancing so weirdly. Man lease boys are amazing and they may be weird but they are the perfect boy band in my opinion they dressed up Disney princesses for their video with Todrick Hall called Disney Dudez 1,2,and 3 they are so funny and they also have more videos with Todrick called #BANDCAMP it has 8 videos the 8th one is split int…

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