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  • I live in your ass
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is your mom
  • I am the first gay asian Disney prince
  • Degrassi Fan

    Hi, everyone. I had a question proposal and was wondering if anyone thinks we should disable the anonymous option on this wiki. Most anon contributors just spam the comments section with nonsense.

    Comment below thoughts.

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  • Degrassi Fan

    Hi, everybody. I'm making this blog for communal discussion purposes. Do you think we should make gallery pages for the members? I don't really want slideshow galleries sitting on the actual articles, but I'm willing to open up some discussion on making gallery pages instead.

    Leave comments below on your thoughts.

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  • Degrassi Fan

    Random survey (7)

    July 17, 2015 by Degrassi Fan
    1. Most comforting place, smell, sound and memory?
    2. Your ambitions as a child and your ambitions now
    3. Biggest fear
    4. Qualities you would like in a partner (if you would like one)
    5. Traits you couldn't put up with in a partner (if you would like one)
    6. What is the worst thing you have done to another person? (Let them down, lied, faked love etc)
    7. What are your worst traits and features?
    8. What are your best traits and features?
    9. How would you explain your idea of ‘true love’?
    10. The biggest mistake you’ve made.
    11. Are you rational or more emotional?
    12. Do you think you’re very conscious of the feelings of others or more self oriented?
    13. Greatest achievement personally.
    14. If you struggle to sleep at night, what do you do to try and soothe yourself to sleep?
    15. What irritates you most a…
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  • Degrassi Fan
    1. What was the last TV show you watched?
    2. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?
    3. Have you ever lied to get out of a date or relationship?
    4. What do you think of velvet knickers?
    5. Have you ever been in the back of a police car?
    6. Post a screenshot of your tumblr dash
    7. Post a screenshot of your facebook newsfeed
    8. What do you normally order in a bar/pub?
    9. Have you ever wanted to be a police officer?
    10. What is your usual everyday dress code?
    11. Do you lift weights?
    12. Sherlock or Doctor Who?
    13. Do you know self defence?
    14. What fandoms are you part of?
    15. Who is your OTP?
    16. Glitter or feathers?
    17. Daisies or buttercups?
    18. What countries have you been to?
    19. Do you think schools should bring back corporal punishment?
    20. Post a screencap of a Google maps view of your hometown, state or county…
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  • Degrassi Fan

    50 questions!

    June 21, 2015 by Degrassi Fan
    1. How many pets do you own?
    2. What’s your least favorite season?
    3. Do you prefer to text or call?
    4. Morning or night?
    5. Do you like tacos?
    6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    7. What’s your favorite desert?
    8. Do you enjoy walks?
    9. Are you a frequent user of Facebook?
    10. Do you watch animated shows still?
    11. Can you roll your tongue?
    12. What’s your “lucky” number?
    13. Are you scared of anything?
    14. Big mac or big whopper? Big mac.
    15. Do you like to play board games?
    16. Are you fond of romantic novels?
    17. Fruitloops or cocopops?
    18. Would you eat a live spider for one million dollars?
    19. Are you a heavy drinker?
    20. Would you forgive someone for cheating?
    21. Are you superstitious?
    22. Have you seen A Clockwork Orange?
    23. Do you like to read?
    24. Are you easily distressed?
    25. Do you believe in aliens?
    26. If you were the last person aliv…
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