haha so HOW exactly did I end up liking them? It all started last year when I had to think of something very quickly for the Interclass carol competition.

   I'm a singer from India and Gospel or Carols aren't exactly my kind of genre but most of the music I have to sing in college is either of those for most of the time so I find it really hard cause I'm not Christian either and don't have a backup Church-Play list like most other girls so the INTERNET in my music guide- duh? hahah! 

   I LOVE Christmas and dressing up and all that and I couldn't resist listening to the holiday Mash up and when I did, I kinda liked WIll's voice right away! and then HELLO- YOUTUBE- stacked up a buch of their music files on my phone and TaaaaaDaaa but the end of the week I was kinda hyping over them! :3 This is my FIRST post on this blog so HEY! feel free to comment comment/ fangirl over whoever <3 / drop a hi! :3 geeh! :D 

btw I'm dropping in my FIRST edit of COLE gah <3 

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